5 thoughts on “connect

  1. Hi Carissa!

    I’ve been so blessed to find you through Tapestry and am thankful for how you share as an adoptee. Thanks for all you are doing and the tremendous voice you are.

    I just finished reading the recent post by Brad and had trouble with the link for his blog at the bottom in his profile. I kept getting a different website and thought you may want to double check the link.


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  4. Hi Carissa,
    I appreciate your message, and your testimonies. I am blessed by them. I was also blessed to be married to Canada’s first foreign adoptee, Nancy McCullough. See http://www.adoptionisforalifetime.com My soulmate and wife of 17 years was lifted to glory with our God on Dec. 9th, of 2015. During our marriage, we adopted two daughters from China. They are now 14 and 10. As a widower, and a very sensitive man, I am on a journey of continuing to partner with our Lord to raise my adopted daughters. I am overwhelmed at times, so I am hoping to obtain one of your books soon. May our Lord bless you and you continue to serve Him with joy and gladness!
    Under His Care,
    Paul McCullough

    • grateful for your message and grateful for your heart. much grace as you continue to “enter IN” to the human heart – yours and your daughters.

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