about the book

As parents, we will never be able to fix our child’s fragmented beginnings or have all the answers our child will want or need. But…we can offer a message of hope and redemption.

This book is a unique and exceptional contribution to the existing content and understanding of those who have been impacted by early loss. Your awareness of the beauty and weight of narrative will deepen as your heart expands to embrace how deep and wide the love of God was in the moments before your child was invited into your “forever family.” As you read, you will be moved…to greater love and to real action as you learn what and how to capture and commemorate your child’s experiences in the sacred pages of a lifebook in both a truthful and nurturing way.

To purchase, visit Zondervan or Amazon.

Grateful for the amazing endorsements we received for Before You Were Mine.

“Throughout the Bible, it is often story that gives both individuals and entire communities their sense of their identity and purpose, and of God’s work in history for their good. Helping our children see and interpret the unmatched story that God has given to them is a sacred role that carries life-long consequence. Before You Were Mine helps parents give this gift to their adopted children in a way that will guide and nurture them for a lifetime.” Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

Before You Were Mine is another way in which adoptive parents can help their child feel an extra measure of love and care. A great resource for all adoptive families.” Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, adoption advocates, and founders of Show Hope

“Bethany Christian Services is very excited to promote the book, Before You Were Mine, to all of its adoptive families. It is a book every adoptive parent must read and use as a reference throughout their child’s development. The author shares personal stories, their personal expertise, and have rooted all of their advice in God’s Word. It is a valuable tool that will create a wonderful, loving family experience for the adoptee and the parents.” William J. Blacquiere, President/CEO Bethany Christian Services

“Children who were adopted often grapple with the question ‘Who Am I?’ To some degree, we all do. This book offers practical, experiential wisdom on how parents can lead children through some difficult truths about their stories before and after adoption. The book will stir your creativity and imagination in parenting.” Russell D. Moore, Ph.D., Author, Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches

“This is a resource every adoptive parent needs to own. Our adoptive children depend on us to put the pieces of their life together for them. While I’m not a naturally creative person, Susan and Carissa have given me the tools to be successful in telling my son’s life story!” Jill Savage/CEO of Hearts at Home, adoptive mom and author of 7 books including “Professionalizing Motherhood.”


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