remembering. celebrating. anticipating.

Ahhhh! 2013 has arrived. I’m so eager to see what this year will bring, yet I’m still reflecting on what 2012 brought…

I met some really amazing people this past year who brought new perspective and insight and creativity and beauty to how I view people, the world, God. I felt enriched and strengthened by what they offer the world.

Some relationships were rekindled and deepened, some faded and changed. Learning to both “let go” and embrace the gift in how each one changes me.

I’m blown away by how God continued to refine me and awaken me and encourage me and use me as I think about all the lives and stories I had the opportunity to be invited into as a counselor. That space continues to be stunningly sacred and holy.

I’m humbled and grateful for the places and spaces that I was able to offer my voice in different corners of the country this year. The traveling, the beautiful scenery, the energy radiated and given…it filled me and brought life to my soul. I experienced more of God’s redemption and healing in my story as I shared my one small voice in the sea of voices out there.

I was a student of the human heart in new ways as I listened to and observed the people I sat next to, ran into, watched from a distance, allowing their suffering and ache and healing and hope to remind me of our humanity and the longing for wholeness that exists beyond any border, any political camp, any skin color, any gender, any religion, any family.

I’ve come undone and felt desperate in new and shocking ways…mentally, emotionally, physically, and while I could write so much about this, I’m choosing to practice gratitude while I name the good in each experience, in each person, in myself.

I watched my children live another year and was amazed at how their words turned into sentences, how they continue to live awake and full of awe and wonder, how their innocence keeps turning into enlightenment, how they crave love and delight and connection and safety, and how they easily and authentically remind me of what matters, of how good we are no matter what we say or do, and how important it is to keep fighting for what’s good and true.

I’m utterly grateful to keep sharing each year with my husband, whose companionship and love and faithfulness keeps recycling and renewing each day.

And my Creator…I’ve felt his embrace and gentleness and power and presence in ways that were both subtle and gigantic, and heard his whisper that kept calling out the best in me, even when I wasn’t sure how much energy I had left.

So, starting the new year by remembering what was…and grabbing it all up, storing it in my memory, my heart. A ton of mundane, but much of the divine in the daily; an abundance of new experiences, fun and extravagant and hard. So much to remember, so much to celebrate.

And then, anticipating what will be…more good, more hard, more ordinary, more extraordinary. And, learning what it means to receive it all with acceptance, with grace, with humor, with openness…to how it all fits into God’s larger story…for me, for his world.

May your heart become stronger, more tender, more whole, more free. May you be reminded of who you are in profound and surprising ways as 2013 unfolds.

Happy, happy new year!

A little peek into our 2012: A Year in Review



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