life at two. a letter from his mommy.

august28 008

Dear Zane,

Happy Birthday to a boy who shines like the stars! Today we celebrate what came and changed with year two, and begin anticipating all that will come and change with year three. Happy, happy day to a boy who brings us so much laughter and delight as he soaks in the world around him. Our hearts keep soaring and melting as we’re continually blown away that you are ours, that we get you. Our gratitude for you, your life, the amazing way that you are knit together, flows deep.

This past year we got to experience you exit the little baby stage and literally step into the energetic – yet laid back, the sweet – yet determined, the playful – yet peaceful, the simple – yet detailed little toddler you’ve become. There’s something so innate, so mysterious, so deep in you that makes you all boy. From the banging to the jumping, from the semi-trucks to the clouds, from the animals to the tractors, from the outdoors to the cars and motorcycles and trains, you inherently gravitate towards things that define the masculine soul. We love that! We celebrate that!

We love that your cheeks and nose and tummy and toes are so cuddly and cute, and love how each of those parts love getting cuddled. There’s something so innocent and peaceful about your spirit. Maybe it’s the unique, raspy, sweet giggle that you possess, or perhaps the smile that radiates your insides, or that cute little voice that comes out in such a tender and spirited way, or maybe even your wispy, wavy, spirally hair that falls against your forehead. Whatever it is, we sense that you have a foundation that is both tender and calm, along with a quiet strength that allows you to remain secure and comfortable as you move into the world around you.

There’s this sister that utterly adores you and we marvel at the way she makes you laugh, even at the smallest and most silliest of things. Her eyes light up when you wake up from your nap and when we bring you out to the family room in the morning to greet her. She loves to teach you (we remind her that’s one of the jobs she gets to have) and entertain you and play hide-and-go-seek with you. She’s fascinated by all the things that make you smaller than her and all the things that make you different than her. She’s your helper for sure, teaching you how to talk and brush your teeth and go potty and how to hide from daddy and about TV and Talking Tom and “swiping” and jumping on the trampoline and ucky buggies and eating on the couch and dancing and headstands and how cool it is to explore the “big city.” You’ve figured out that you’re a brother of an intentional and assertive sister, and for sure there are times when her determination gets to you. You’ve found your straightforward way of saying “No, I don’t like that” by yelling, by pulling her locks of hair, and even at times, by finding the perfect place to sink your teeth into. We manage and distract, connect and correct, and then you show her in your own sweet way that you’re sorry by gently rubbing your hand on her arm. She’s got a lot of tricks and surprises awaiting you as you grow older, but for right now, she adores her little brother and she loves showing you how much with her hugs and kisses and smiles and jokes, and even by holding your hand. We’re so grateful for what you two share and pray that the connection between you will only grow and deepen as you play and enjoy and complement one another.

We are utterly grateful for all the ways you remind us of how good it is to live life with wonder and mystery, awake and enlightened. We so believe in you…how loveable you are, how capable you are. We are humbled by the ways that we are able to speak truth into your soul, and by how you mirror the amazing creativity and passionate love of Jesus. May your heart remain soft and open to his love, and may we remain open to how he shows his love through you.

Love to you, Boo! Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy


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