from scratch…a very good place to start.

a place to write my words (i love words).

a place to speak softly (ok…maybe loudly).

a place to find myself, hear myself, laugh at myself, offer myself.

a place to entertain.

a place to talk about what matters.

a place to share how my heart can sink and soar all in the same breath.

a place to vent about things that aren’t fair and the things that bring me all sorts of new hope.

a place to ponder what needs to be changed and then all the ways that i can bring change.

perhaps, even a place to revisit all the ways i’ve come undone and how God is putting me back together…slowly, gently, lovingly…over and over and over again.

i love places that i can be me. i think we all do.

i welcome listeners who can hear between the lines and find themselves in the midst of them.

honored to be found by you.



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